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Have you ever thought about freelancing work? Scratch that, have you ever not started your day with thinking – “What’s next?”. Don’t worry about it, questioning your career is absolutely normal, we’re all constantly looking for something better. And for marketers, there are a lot of options to choose from. We can become head of a marketing department at a cool brand, be part of an agency, join a startup, start our own agency, become a marketing consultant or get into freelance digital marketing. All of them have pros and cons, which we’ll possibly discuss in a future post because for now, we’re focusing on the latter.


I’ll tell you more about the freelancing as an amazing choice for you to grow professionally, develop new skills, expand your network and fall in love with the job you do.


When thinking about the pros and cons of digital freelance marketing

Digital marketers love that they can sometimes work for themselves, travel around the world, save on commute and unnecessary meetings that you can do via an online conference calls platform. At the same time, sometimes they’re struggling to work alone.

What are the pros of working in digital freelance marketing?

  • Live wherever you want (Bali, Hong Kong or Sydney)
  • Get to create your own schedule and be your own boss!
  • Save time & money on daily commuting
  • Enjoy a different office every day – choose any coffee shops or co-working space or just space that resembles an office
  • Choose the clients and projects you’ll spend your time on

Why would you not be in freelance digital marketing?

  • No fixed salary – you have to be crunch the numbers and make sure you’re earning enough
  • No company benefits, such as health insurance, 401k, free gym membership etc.
  • You’re a one man (woman) show – account, writer, designer, and analyst, sometimes it might get overwhelming
  • Distractions everywhere! Netflix, bed, food.
What’s the digital freelancer day-to-day?

When working as a digital marketing freelancer – learning becomes a daily thing, because as  mentioned earlier – it’s a one man (woman) show. There are multiple responsibilities and tasks to do, and they vary every day, depending on clients.


A digital freelancer can learn anything from Photoshop to web design or HTML. Which is quite exciting for some of us.

Now, let’s think of how the day to day looks like in this profession:

  1. Create a digital marketing strategy
  2. Send monthly reports to the clients
  3. Set up KPIs
  4. Write blog posts
  5. Create PDFs, eBooks, presentations, or any other promotional materials
  6. Design case studies
  7. Start a podcast or webinar
  8. Design an infographic
  9. Write newsletters
  10. Copywriting for the website
  11. Build the marketing funnel
  12. Improve conversions and CTAs
  13. Create social media calendars
  14. Hold a webinar
  15. Design a website
  16. Stay active in relevant online communities
  17. Have a client meeting to discuss the next steps
  18. Make Facebook or Google Ads
  19. Search Engine Optimisation
  20. Build backlinks for the website authority
  21. Improve website speed
  22. Sales calls
  23. Onboard meeting for new clients

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