Mobile / App Marketing

Mobile / App Marketing

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Mobile / App marketing can be a pretty broad term, referring to mobile ads, apps, mobile websites–just about any kind of marketing that happens on a mobile device. But mobile app marketing? That’s focused on app promotion, and even more importantly, the engagement and retention of users who have already downloaded your app.

Your mobile audience has a whole different set of needs and desires than audiences in other channels–and add in that that they’re using different devices, too, and you have another set of parameters to consider.


How do you know your mobile / app marketing works?

The best kind of marketing is built on thorough, accessible data. But what are the metrics that truly measure how your app is stacking up against the goals you set?
It’s not just about the number of downloads anymore–although that number definitely matters when you’re launching a new app. You want to look at:

  • Retention rate. The number of users who return to your mobile / app after the first visit.
  • Daily/monthly active users. Your most important users are the ones who are actively using your app–not just letting it sit on their mobile devices.
  • Session length. How much time do your users spend in your app? (Keep in mind for this one that the right amount of time depends on the goal you want users to accomplish.)
  • Time in app. What’s the amount of time users tend to spend in your app daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  • Acquisitions. The number of users who download your app through a particular source–say, Instagram ads.
  • Screen flow. The paths users take through your app.
There’s Two Major Types of Mobile App Marketing :

App user acquisition marketing is how app developers find their audience. With over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store and almost 3 million in Google Play, it can be tough for potential users to discover your app. That means the right kind of app marketing campaign can make a huge difference when it comes to helping your app build an audience.


Most app user acquisition campaigns focus on the digital space. (Although it’s becoming much more common for apps to advertise in public spaces like billboards, subways, and even airports.)

App Store Optimization (ASO) :

App Store Optimization helps make your app more visible in Apple’s App Store. By optimizing indexed copy like title and keywords and carefully choosing your app’s category, you can help the right users find your app in a crowded market.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Ads :

The great thing about advertising on popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook? Not only can you reach more potential users, you can target your ads to the right kind of audience for your mobile app. If you have limited ad spend, highly targeted social media ads are more likely to offer the kind of value you need, like more downloads.




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