Digital Marketing Course Fees in India: How much does digital marketing course cost?

Digital Marketing Course Fees in India: How much does digital marketing course cost?

Digital marketing is one of the most popular courses in India. Choosing right digital marketing course at best price has become complex and time-consuming task for students who are looking for affordable digital marketing course in India or Mumbai.

Digital marketing fees is one of the most important factor when it comes to choosing a course and in this article, I am going to share complete details of various digital marketing courses and fees structure.

Digital Marketing Courses Fees in India

The cost of digital marketing courses and fees varies depending on the course, duration, institute and college. Digital marketing course fees in India ranges Rs.15,000.00 to Rs.4,50,000.00 (Four Lakhs Fifty Thousand). Fees structure of digital marketing courses depends on various factors like course type, duration of courses, moules, institute and online course or offline course.

Generally, fees for online digital marketing course is lower than offline digital marketing course. The type of digital marketing course you choose will also affect fees you pay.

Factors affecting Fees of Digital Marketing courses:

There are various types of digital marketing courses available in India such as Digital marketing certificate courses, advanced digital marketing courses, diploma in digital marketing, digital marketing post grduation course and digital marketing workshops.
As I mentioned, there are many factors that affact digital marekting course fees and cost.

Duration of Digital Marketing Courses

The duration of course is another factor that affect the fees of digital marketing course in India. A longer duration of course is more expensive than a shorter duration course. The average duration of course in India is 6 Months.

Here are different digital marketing courses based on fees and duration

1 Month Digital Marketing Course:
1 Month offline Digital Marketing course will cost you between Rs.10,000.00 to Rs.15,000.00 in a good institute. A short duration digital marketing course is more sutable for someone who is looking for basic overview of digital marketing and wanted to learn one of the module or few modules.

2 Months Digital Marketing Course Fees:
2 Months digital marketing course is offered by Optron Academy in Mumbai, this course is ideal for working professionals, students and housewife looking for acquiring digital marketing skills. This 2 months digital marketing course by Optron Academy includes all major digital marketing topic like SEO, SEM, SMM, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Email marketing. This course is available in offline mode at Optron Academy at course fees of Rs. 24,000.00 with special offer.

3 Months Digital Marketing Courses Fees:
Majority of institutes offer 3 months digital marketing course for students and professionals. Actually 3 months are not enough to learn entire digital marketing if you looking to start your career in digital marketing field. You must either choose 4 months of 6 months courses. Still, 3 months digital marketing courses offer basic understanding of core digital marketing modules and fees for 3 months digital marketing course range between Rs.20,000.00 to Rs.45,000.00

6 Months Digital Marketing Course Fees:

6 Months digital marketing courses cost between Rs.50,000.00 to Rs. 1,30,000.00 depending on the city, institute and course syllabus. In Mumbai average fees for 6 Months digital marketing course Starts from Rs.65,000.00 and can go upto Rs.1,25,000.00

IMPORTANT: Many institutes have started offering 3 months courses ad 6 months by making it 3 days a week or alternate days. Before you join such courses, always check what is total duration of course and how many days a week.

4 Months Digital Marketing Course Fees:

If you are a student and looking for a proper advanced digital marketing course to start your career in digital marketing industry then 4 Months digital marketing courses are best for you.

4 Months digital marketing course fees in Mumbai range between Rs. 35,000.00 to Rs. 60,000.00 depending on institute, course content, location and type of certificates offered.

Here is a fees struture of some of popular online & offline 4 months digital markreting courses in India

4 Months Digital Marketing Course by Digital Scholar – Course Fees, Duration and Modules

4 Months digital marketing course by Digital Scholar is online digital marketing course. This digital marketing course is designed maily for individuals who are interested in social media marketing, influencer marketing and interested in earning money via influencer marketing.

This course is offered in English and this is online course.

As per their website, Digital Scholar 4 Months Digital Marketing couse fees is Rs.75,000.00

Digital Scholar Course Highlights:

  • Only available online
  • 14 Modules & 20 Certificates
  • Live & interactive sessions
  • Guest lectures from industry leaders
  • Access to digital marketing course material
  • Guaranteed paid internship with echoVME Digital

Is it worth paying Rs.75,000.00 for digital scholar course?

Rs.75,000.00 is not afforable for many students and individuals for an online course. Considering brand and other benefits, this course is good for Rs.75,000.00 if you have money to invest in 4 months digital marketing course.

You might be able to get offline course for almost half of the price.

4 Months Digital Marketing Course by IIDE (Online)

IIDE is one of the popular digital marketing institute in Mumbai. IIDE also provides 4 months online digital marketing course for Rs. 98,250.00. Compared to all other similar institutes in Mumbai, this course fees is considered too high for those who can’t afford to invest.

IIDE online 4 months digital marketing course

IIDE Digital Marketing 4 Months Course USP:

  • 100+ hours of Live Learning
  • 50+ hours of Video Content
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • In-Class Live Presentations
  • 7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Resume & Interview Training

Is it worth paying for 4 Months IIDE Digital Marketing course?

IIDE 4 months digital marketing course is almost 1 Lakh (Rs.1,00,000.00) which is not affordable for many people. Before you choose any course, it’s better to compare with similar courses in your area and look for an offline course.

4 Months Advanced Digital Marketing Course by Optron Academy

Optron academy is another most popular digital marketing institute in Mumbai. Optron academy provides digital marketing courses for students, working professionals and individuals who are looking for practical and offline digital marketing course.

As per online reviews, Optron Digital Markting courses are trusted by more than 3,500 people including students, professionals and business owners. They also have more than 4.8/5 Google and other reviews with many success stories.

Optron Academy Offline 4 months Advacend Digital Marketing course fees starts @ Rs. 47,000.00 for offline course and they have Monday to Friday lectures.

optron academy review

Features & Benefits of Optron Courses

  • Most trusted institute
  • 100% Placement suppport and guranteed internship
  • 1-on-1 detailed Mentoring Sessions
  • 45+ Digital marketing tools
  • Offline & Hands-on learning
  • 10+ live projects and assignments
  • Learning by doing methodology
  • Real ad budget
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Resume & Interview Training
  • Located in near Malad and Goregaon (Mumbai)
  • Value for money




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