12 Best Digital Marketing Courses After 12th (Science, Arts & Commerce)

12 Best Digital Marketing Courses After 12th (Science, Arts & Commerce)

If you are looking for best digital marketing courses after 12th then here is a blog that answers all your questions.

In this blog, I have provided all information about digital marketing courses in after 12th Arts, Science and Commerce.

Digital Marketing is rapidly growing field in India and the best part is anybody can learn digital marketing.

I have seen many questions related to digital marketing courses after 12th on Quora. This inspired me to write an article and share with you on this blog.

I have mentioned best digital marketing courses you can take after 12th or after Bcom

What is digital marketing and why learn digtial marketing?

Before you take any digital marketing course or join any institute to learn digital marketing, you must know what is digital marketing and why it’s important to have digital marketing skills.

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. Why learn digital marketing?
  3. Career scope in digital marketing after 12th
  4. Minimum eligibility to learn digital marketing

Digital Marketing Courses after 12th (Free & Paid)

Basically there are very few digital marketing courses after 12th but you can start learning digital marketing via some free courses.

If you are still in college and don’t have time to take professional courses from institutes, you can take online digital marketing courses to start learning.

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google (Free)

Digital marketing courses after 12th

Digital marketing fundamentals is one of the best digital marketing courses after 12th. It’s very helpful for beginners to understand fundamentals of digital marketing and concepts.

This course will walk you through basics of paid advertising, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media marketing and other digital marketing terminologies.

Fundamentals of digital marketing by Google is developed by Google to promote digital marketing. This is 40 hrs online self-paced video course that included 26 modules and it’s for beginners. This course also offers certificate afte successfully completion of course.

About the course:

Total Modules: 26

Hours: 40hrs

Level: Beginners

Price: Free

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Why digital marketing is important for business
  3. Various digital marketing channels
  4. Building a web presence with websites
  5. Website design tips and tricks for beginners
  6. Understanding customers
  7. Impotrtance of SEO in digital marketing (In Digital World)
  8. How search engines work
  9. Difference between organic search and paid search
  10. Search opportunities
  11. An introduction to Google search console
  12. How to choose keywords
  13. Introduction to search Ads (Google Ads)
  14. Keywords match types
  15. Local SEO
  16. Importance of social media
  17. Advertising on social media (Paid social media marketing)
  18. Understanding mobile marketing
  19. Mobile apps
  20. Content marketing
  21. Display advertising
  22. Email marketing
  23. Marketing using video
  24. Using Google Analytics
  25. Building online store and selling online

Now you know about Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course by Google, you can decide to take this course to get started with digital marketing and understand how digital marketing can help you and your business.

This courses is mainly for beginners and doesn’t include real-world digital marketing examples.

2. Digital Marketing 101 – A free digital marketing course after 12th

Digital marketing 101 is a free digital marketing course by simplilearn. This free online course will teach you digital marketing basics and overview of various digital marketing activities. You will get 90 days of free access to all video lessons.

Why take this digital marketing course?

  • It’s free
  • 3 hours of self-paced video lessons
  • Made for beginners
  • Good for students and beginners
  • No risk of losing money
  • You will get free certificate

Why not take this course?

  • It’s very basic course
  • Course covers introductory topics
  • It covers IOT and Marketing analytics
  • Course dosn’t include Google Ads, Social media
  • It’s more theory than practical

3. SkillShare – Digital Marketing courses after 12th

Skillshare is very good platform to learn new skills via video courses and there are many paid and free digital marketing courses available for you to learn digital marketing after 12th.

You can choose to learn complete digital marketing or a specific skill like Social media or Google ads. Here you don’t need to pay per course, you can subsribe to skillshare and choose free courses or you can take monthly subsription and continue with all available courses.

Skillshare Advantages:

  1. No need to buy individual courses
  2. Pay monthly fees and get access to all courses
  3. Courses from beginners to advanced level available
  4. Choose from compleple course to invividual topic
  5. Works on Laptop, Desktop or you can also learn via SkillShare app

4. The complete digital marketing course – 12 courses in 1 – Digital Marketing Course on Udemy

udemy digital marketing course for students

12 courses in 1 – Digital marketing course on udemy is a bestseller and top choice for many people who are new to the digital marketing and looking for digital marketing courses  online.

Created by Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival, this is the most popular courses on digital marketing that covers Social media marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, lead generation, email marketing etc.

The course covers 12 important digital marketing modules with practical examples and assignments.

  1. Market Research – Learn how to validate your business idea
  2. WordPress – Learn to build a world-class website in no time without any technical coding skills
  3. Email Marketing – Learn to set up email campaigns and build a mailing list of 1000 people in 30 days from scratch
  4. Copywriting – Covers how to write sales pages that drive more sales
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Understand everything about SEO, and learn tips and tricks to get free traffic to your website with SEO
  6. YouTube Marketing – Learn how to drive traffic & sales with simple videos
  7. Social Media Marketing – Learn to master social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora
  8. LinkedIn Marketing – Learn to go viral on LinkedIn and 400x your connections
  9. App Marketing – Discover 43 ways how you can promote your App
  10. Google Adwords – Learn how to set up profitable ad campaigns the very first time, and avoid any common mistakes
  11. Facebook Ads – Learn how to run Facebook Ads and make money from them without spending a fortune
  12. Google Analytics – Improve your marketing by integrating Google Analytics and learn to interpret the analytics data and draw insights

This digital marketing course includes 24 hours of on-demand video lessons, assignments and examples.

This beginner-friendly digital marketing course includes 24 hours of on-demand video lessons and many assignments and examples and does not require any prior marketing experience.

It’s sutable for people who are looking for working professionals and even for students who are looking for digital marketing course after 12th


  • Best-selling Digital Marketing course on Udemy
  • Learn how to use digital marketing for business
  • Learn to start digital marketing
  • Get lifetime access to all future updates to the course
  • Certificate of Completion from Udemy

How to know which digital marketing course is best afte 12th?

Now after reading this list of top digital marketing courses after 12th, you must be wondering which digital marketing course is best.

The digital marketing course you choose should depend on your learning objectives, your career goals and many other factors like how much you want to spend on your learning, how much time do you have and where you stay.

Assuming you are still in 11th standard and about to complete your 12th, you can take some online course and start learning digital marketing.

You can choose short-term digital marketing courses after 12th from good digital marketing institutes and get certification.

While choosing a course keep following things in mind.

  • Try for offline digital marketing course
  • Don’t run behind just certificates
  • Don’t spend more just becuase of brand name
  • Consider value for money and not just social media followers
  • Always visit institute becore you join – Collecting details on phone may not help
  • Attend demo lecture or seminar
  • Speak to trainers instead of admission councellor


Digital marketing is one of the best career option after 12th and choosing right digital marketing course can help you build your career in this field. If you are from Mumbai and looking for best digital marketing courses after 12th then consider optron academy 6 month digital marketing course for students

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