5 best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai Fees Details

Main puporse of this blog is to provide you complete details about Best Digital Marketing courses available in India and Online. This blog post will help you find Best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, we will also share digital marketing course fees in Mumbai and reviews of various digital marketing institutes in Mumbai

There are more than 200 small and popular digital marketing courses in India provided by individuals, institutes and some colleges. Finding the best, affordable and real digital marketing course is one of the most difficult task for any student.

Often students search on Google for digital marketing courses in Mumbai, digital marketing classes near me and best digital marketing couses with fees. Unfortunately, there are very few blogs with honest reviews and proper details.

Most of blogs on Internet about digital marketing courses are doing promotion for institutes who paid them money or some are having sponsored articles.

Well, before you decide to join any digital marketing course, always visit the institute and talk to owner or trainer instead of speaking to admin or counselor.

Don’t waste your money on cheap and courses that offer you multiple modules and fake job guarantee.

Which digital marketing institute is best in Mumbai?

Which digital marketing course is best and whch institute is best for digital marketing course is one of the most common question. As per research there are only 5 most popular digital marketing institutes in Mumbai. If you are looking for good institutes and you have budget then consider them.

If you search on Google for digital marketing courses, you may find IIDE Digital marketing course as one of the most popular course followed by Optron Digital Marketing course by Optron Education and then LIPS and MCTA.

If you compare IIDE course with other courses, IIDE is providing offline and online learning and their master’s program cost more than 4Lakh for 11 months. As per their website, they are India’s best institute for digital marketing.

Optron Digital marketing course is second most popular Digital marketing course in Mumbai. Optron offers offline learning on live projects in their Malad campus and soon to start 3 more locations.

After IIDE and Optron, you can consider LIPS and other small institutes providing digital marketing coures at lower price. Institutes like SoftPro and LIPS offer courses under Rs.35K which is good for students who are not ready to spend money.

5 Best Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE is one of the most popular digital marketing institute in Mumbai. IIDE provides online digital marketing courses for students and working professionals.


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