5 best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai with Placement

5 best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai with Placement

Main puporse of this blog is to provide you complete details about Best Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai.

There are more than 38 digital marketing couses in Mumbai including online, offine, recored, small couses by private institutes, individual trainers and colleges.

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand skills today. Businesses are looking for professionals who can help them reach their target audiences online and build a strong brand presence. If you’re based in Mumbai and looking for a digital marketing course, here’s a list of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai

Top 5 best digital marketing courses in Mumbai

Often students search on Google for digital marketing courses in Mumbai, digital marketing classes near me and best digital marketing couses with fees. Unfortunately, there are very few blogs with honest reviews and proper details.

Well, before you decide to join any digital marketing course, always visit the institute and talk to owner or trainer instead of speaking to admin or counselor.

Don’t waste your money on cheap and courses that offer you multiple modules and fake job guarantee.

Which digital marketing course is best in Mumbai?

Which digital marketing course is best and whch institute is best for digital marketing course is one of the most common question. As per our research, there are only 5 best digital marketing courses in Mumbai that offers offline digital marketing course with 100% practical and placement assurance.

If you search on Google for digital marketing courses, you may find IIDE Digital marketing course as one of the most popular course followed by Optron Digital Marketing course by Optron Education and then LIPS and MCTA.

IIDE is providing offline courses only for 11 Months PGDM and 4 Months digital marketing course (Online course). If you are looking for offline digital marketing course at reasonable price, you might have to consider Optron Academy 4 Months Advanced Digital Marketing Course with Placement support or Advanced diploma in digital marketing course.


5 Best Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE is one of the most popular digital marketing institute in Mumbai. IIDE provides online digital marketing courses for students and working professionals.

Optron Digital marketing course is second most popular Digital marketing course in Mumbai. Optron offers offline learning on live projects in their Malad campus and soon to start 3 more locations.

After IIDE and Optron, you can consider LIPS and other small institutes providing digital marketing coures at lower price. Institutes like SoftPro and LIPS offer courses under Rs.35K which is good for students who are not ready to spend money.

Course Content

S.No. Module Topics
1. Introduction (19 minutes) 5 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Grow a Business
2. Market Research (36 minutes) How to Find a Hungry-to-Buy Audience with 3 Simple Questions
How to Get Responses to Your Survey
How to Analyse Your Survey Results
How to Get Valuable Feedback Without Sending a Survey
3. Make a Website (37 minutes) Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly, etc?
WordPress.com vs.WordPress.org
How to Make a Website in 10 Mins – Simple & Easy!
How to Set Up Your Business Email in 5 Mins
How to Add Your Domain Email to Gmail
How to Activate Your Free SSL Certificate in 1 Click!
4. Email Marketing (45 minutes) Why Market Your Business with Email?
How to Create a Mailchimp Account for FREE
How to Add Opt-Ins & Pop-Ups to Your Website for Free
How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened
How to Create an Email Campaign with Mailchimp
Email Marketing Analytics
5. Copywriting (30 minutes) The “AIDA” Formula
11 Tips for Writing Magnetic Headlines
5 Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action (CTA)
How to Write Like Your Customers Talk
6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (3 hours 16 minutes) How to SEO Optimise Your Homepage
How to Add Your Website to Google Search Console
How to Take the Google Mobile-Friendly Test
How to Assess Keyword Competition & Choose Target Keywords
How to Appear in the Google Image Search Results
The Types of Backlinks That Really Matter and How to Get Them
How to Leverage Authority Websites and Top of the Search Results
Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business in Google
7. Youtube Marketing (1 hour 6 minutes) How to Create a YouTube Channel (Personal or Brand)
How To Find Video Ideas With Keyword Research
How To Rank Videos Higher With YouTube SEO
How to Make a YouTube Banner for Free
How to Use YouTube Analytics to Get More Views
How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel
8. Facebook Marketing (1 hour 16 minutes) 8 Tactics to Get Your First Page Likes
Secret Way to Boost Page Likes
Facebook Competitions / Contests
Facebook Groups
Facebook Live
Manage Multiple Facebook Pages
9. Twitter Marketing (1 hour 15 minutes) Twitter Profile Setup
Twitter Profile Optimisation
Twitter Features
Twitter – What to Post?
Twitter Followers
Twitter Hashtags
Twitter Polls
Twitter Customer Acquisition
Twitter on Your Website
Twitter Analytics
10. Quora Marketing (45 minutes) Quora Marketing Strategy
Quora Account Setup
Quora Account Optimisation
Format Your Answers for Maximum Clicks
Quora Analytics
11. Google Adwords (15 minutes) How Google Ads Works
Analyze Your PPC Competition
Google Ads Account Setup
Select the Right Campaign Type
Target Your Audience
Choose Profitable Keywords
12. Google Analytics (2 hours 10 minutes) How to Set up Google Analytics & Install the Tracking Code on Your Website
How Google Analytics Works
How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics
How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics
Main Tools for Analysis
How to Set Up Custom Alerts For Traffic Spikes/Drops
How to Set Up Event Tracking in Google Analytics
How to Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
How to Link Google Adwords to Google Analytics
13. Instagram Marketing (1 hour 12 minutes) Instagram Profile Image
Instagram Content Creation
Instagram Followers Hack
Instagram Hashtags
Instagram Stories
Instagram @Mention Influencers
Instagram Analytics
14. Pinterest Marketing (53 minutes) Pinterest Accounts to Follow
Pinterest Account Optimisation
Pinterest Boards
15. LinkedIn Marketing (50 minutes) Linkedin Account Setup & Optimisation
Linkedin Blog Traffic
Linkedin Company Page Setup
16. Facebook Ads (5 hours 31 minutes) 7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success
How to Set Up An Advertising Account
Create Your First Ad – Choose a Campaign Objective
Targeting by Location & Demographics
Targeting By Interests
Ad Placements
Collection Ads for Ecommerce
Dynamic Ads For Ecommerce
Page Likes With Custom Audiences
Facebook Pixel
17. App Marketing (20 minutes) App Store Market Research
18. Old Content (1 minute)
19. Conclusion (22 minutes)

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